Hotel Tony Pag
Dubrovačka 39, 23250
Pag, Hrvatska
Tel: +385(0)23 611 370
Fax: +385(0)23 600 083

About Pag

Pag has many culinary surprises in store for you of which we would like to emphasize Pag cheese which is characteristic for its hardness and salinity. This is sheep cheese with characteristic aroma due to sheep milk, but also due to salt and herbs that grows on the island. Besides cheese there is also the famous Pag lamb meat, which also has a specific flavor due to herbs, grazed by sheep and lambs. It is best prepared in an oven but also grilled. As far as dessert, we would especially like to emphasize baškotine, a famous dessert, typical for the island of Pag, and prepared in the Benedictine convent. Be sure to try it served with cafe late or on its own, as you prefer. There is also sage honey, which besides being very tasteful also has numerous healing properties.

Zabava i noćni život
If you are looking for a place on the Adriatic to have a good time, than you came to the right place. Parties on the beach Zrće near the town of Novalja are legendary, and are often written about in the newspapers and talked about on the TV. Still the best thing is to go there and see for yourself. During the whole day and night party doesn’t stop since everyone has the same goal: to have a good time. For those who find the ‘party non stop’ principle unapealing, there are many activities during the day where you can get to know Pag’s tradition and history through folklore festivities. The island of Pag has a rich tradition, which the residents gladly present in dances, restored old crafts and numerous museums.